Follow No Strangers To All The Fun Places

Written by Lola Pierson, Directed by Lola Pierson and Stephen Nunns

Follow No Strangers To All The Fun Places deconstructs the audience’s experience of watching. Follow No Strangers to the Fun Places lovingly follows two characters’ repeated—and constantly interrupted—attempts at making a piece of theatre. Through constant breaks, disruptions and disconnections, the show breaks down theatrical narrative; explores the relation of fiction to real life; and ultimately tries to answer the question of why anyone would want to make art in the first place.

“Best Play – 2018” ~ Baltimore Magazine

“[Follow No Strangers] is next-level stuff. And it’s brilliant.”
~ Cassandra Miller, DCMetroTheaterArts

“…if there’s one thing Acme doesn’t do is odd and weird for its own sake. There’s an intentionality behind every element of the presentation… if you allow it, this Acme production encourages you to start thinking about everything else you consume in different ways. Take the redFNSTTFP 3 pill.”
~ Bret McCabe, Bmore Art


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